How to bridge assets from Ethereum to the Beam network How to bridge assets from Ethereum to the Beam network

How to bridge assets from Ethereum to the Beam network

To bridge tokens from currently supported chains to the Beam network, you would need to note the following:

  1. Check our current list of supported assets on the Beam chain
  2. Check to be sure you have sufficient gas to cover the transaction cost from both the source and destination
  3. On the Beam network, the $BEAM token is the gas used on the network
  4. In case your transaction fails, check out the troubleshooting section to see what may have gone wrong
  5. Once you have all the checklist completed, follow the steps below to bridge tokens to the Beam network
Step 1

Go to to access the bridge. 

Click on the “Connect” button at the top-right to connect your wallet to the Bridge. 


Step 2

Choose your wallet type from the supported list. 

Approve the connection on the pop-up prompt shown by your wallet. This authorizes the bridge to interact with your wallet.


Step 3

Select the token to be bridged. In this case, choose the token with the "Ethereum" subscript; BEAM (Ethereum)

Choose the source (“from”) chain. Choose Ethereum (Ethereum).

Choose the destination (“To”) chain. Choose Beam (BEAM)


Step 4

Enter the amount of the token to be bridged.


Kindly note:

*(optional) Gas on Destination

When bridging non-native assets you might want to add a small amount of gas on the destination chain. To do so, Click on "Add" next to "Gas on destination" which is located right below the source and destination tokens. Select the amount of gas you want to add to your bridged assets. For Beam, the max is 5 BEAM, which will be enough for several transactions.


Step 5

Review the details of the transaction and click Transfer.


Step 6

Your wallet should prompt a notification to review and confirm the transaction. Once reviewed, proceed to confirm the transaction. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the source network and then on the Beam network.