Introducing the Beam Hub Introducing the Beam Hub

Introducing the Beam Hub

What is the Beam Hub?

The Beam Hub is a gaming spotlight designed to attract curious and competitive gamers to the games curated by our gamers’ community. Apart from mainstream games that catch our gamers' attention, a major spotlight is shone on both live and upcoming games being built on Beam. 

The hub is not just a showcase, but a resourceful and incentive platform for gamers looking to actively participate in the discovery, learning, and playing of a wide variety of games the Beam ecosystem exposes them to.

3 important features of the Beam Hub:

At first glance, you would notice that the Beam Hub features a dynamic carousel of all types of games in both web2 and web3. However, game spotlights are not the only thing the Beam Hub is good for. Here are other features of Beam Hub worth exploring:

  • A games section: an easily accessible carousel of all sorts of exciting games. Yes! Beam Hub is about fun and exciting stuff. Here, you will find an overview of intriguing games across many genres, with well-detailed reviews and helpful walkthroughs on many games played by our community.
  • The academy section features a concise resource library of web3 gaming topics for the curious. Looking to get your first training wheels for web3 gaming, the Beam Hub empowers you on a perpetual journey of learning throughout the development cycle of blockchain gaming. The learning materials are developed so that newbies and hard-core gamers can find their place in the Beam ecosystem.

All the important information you may ever need to know about blockchain, crypto, wallets, and best security practices in web3 is just a few clicks away.

  • The rewards section is the incentivized pillar of the Beam Hub. Here, gamers can perform tasks, and participate in raffles, and quests that earn them XP rewards which ultimately would lead to various prizes sponsored by projects building on Beam.

Combining the resource library, and the ever-growing list of exciting games being unraveled in the community, it would not be that surprising if Beam gamers made a thriving career out of the Beam Hub.

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