How do I create a Beam Hub account? How do I create a Beam Hub account?

How do I create a Beam Hub account?

Welcome to the beginning of an exciting journey on Beam. The Beam Hub is a bubbling community of gamers, where fun games are discovered.

To participate in gaming events, tournaments, quests, and other forms of activities within Beam Hub, you need an active account. We will quickly walk you through how to set up an account in mere minutes:

Step 1.

Go to and click on the "Account" button on the top right of the page.

Step 2.

Click "Register" from the dropdown option.

Step 3.

Fill out your details in the following form.

Step 4. 

Click "Continue". You are all set! You are now a Beamer!

Take some time to go through the Beam Hub environment, and explore all the sections and guides - they will help you through your journey forward.

Don't forget to join the community on our Discord server to begin exploring exciting games with other gamers. There are a ton of useful resources in there, and people are willing to help if you have any questions. Be wary of scammers and bad actors who may attempt to DM you for funds or try to get you to click on suspicious links.