How do I play games on the Beam Hub? How do I play games on the Beam Hub?

How do I play games on the Beam Hub?

Open existing games

If you are already acquainted with some of the games we share on the Beam Hub, and are probably already playing any of them, you are welcome to join our community on Discord to take part in custom events and join parties for quests.

Early access games

Not all the games displayed on the Beam Hub can be readily accessed right away as some of the games are in early access stage of development and require a pass to pay early versions of the game. 

Fortunately, Beam Hub has a good relationship with many blockchain games, and occasionally, we get invites to some exciting pre-release testing events. These events often require limited access keys which are given to the Beam gamers community, and are then shared to interested parties. Note however, that not everyone can get these early access pass/codes/keys as they are limited in number and are often distributed in a "fcfs" manner, with priority also given to active members in the community. 

As a Beam gamer -- especially one who has an active account on the Beam Hub, your chances of participating in one of the limited-time pre-alpha or beta releases depends on your activity in the community.

What do I get for playing games on Beam Hub?

There are a lot of opportunities that come with exposure to the games in the Beam Hub. Such includes the opportunity to earn limited rewards, and merch perks when you participate in custom events and quests.

Some games offer rewards for critiquing and discovering bugs in helping to improve the overall game design. More information about this can be found either on the Beam Hub or on our Discord server.

Also, you get to make new friends while playing fun games within our vibrant community of gamers. 

I'm ready player one! What's next!

Hold your horses champ! First, remember that you need an account on Beam Hub to access all the ongoing events, tournaments and participate in quests. Also, note that gaming updates in real-time are shared on our Discord Server and Beam Gamers Twitter. To become a Beam Gamer, your final quest is to join this server and follow the instructions provided there: 

Do not forget to sign up on the Beam Hub if you have not done so already. Check out the guide on how to create a Beam account. See you on the other side gamer!